Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 and continuing posts on ontologies

Well, 2015 seems to have gotten away from me. Over the last year, I have been working to design and implement several ontologies for policy-based management. The work is based on Complexible's Stardog graph database, with services accessed through a RESTful API, and with a front-end, single-page web application created with Bootstrap and Backbone. It has been a blast working with and learning all these technologies, and my new year's resolution is to get back into writing my blog and share some of my learnings.

Another thing that I am doing is related to the International Association for Ontology and Its Applications (IAOA). More specifically, I am a part of the Semantic Web Applied Ontologies Special Interest Group (SWAO SIG). The SIG is continuing the work of the 2014 Ontology Summit and facilitating discussions of ontologies and their development and application. I will be contributing to those discussions in 2016, and started with a short post on the various definitions of the term, ontology. Check out the SWAO link above for the discussion!

That's it for now. Happy 2016!


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